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ColdFusion reCAPTCHA tag
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ColdFusion reCAPTCHA tag Issue: Everything seemed ok but form.recaptcha always false

Name: Everything seemed ok but form.recaptcha always false
ID: 9
Project: ColdFusion reCAPTCHA tag
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL: http://recaptchacoldbox.riaforge.org/
Creator: Andreas
Created: 01/29/11 11:55 PM
Updated: 08/20/14 4:11 PM
Description: for me in order to work, i had to change


<cfif isDefined("form.recaptcha_challenge_field") and isDefined("form.recaptcha_response_field")>

to this

<cfif isDefined("form.recaptcha_challenge_field") and isDefined("form.recaptcha_response_field") and attributes.action eq "check">

in recaptcha.cfm

after this the captcha worked fine

i dont post it as a fix because maybe i ve "overchanged" the code somehow and the solution was this, keep it as an extra
History: Created by rodojohn (Andreas) : 01/29/11 11:55 PM

Comment by trifide (mauro) : 08/20/14 4:11 PM
Try with this at the bottom of the customtag script

<cfif compareNoCase(thisTag.executionMode, "end") ><cfexit></cfif>

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